On a clear night in a dark place with the naked eye, we can see an endless sea of stars and planets. We see the temporary streaks of light that meteors draw and enormous spirals of stars. It is the universe outside of our world but it is of our world as well because we perceive it and move through it.

I heard an interview with Buckminster Fuller where he displayed some annoyance when a caller asked him what he thought about traveling into space. He replied, "We are in space!" Fuller's view is of earth itself as a spaceship which has supported human life for 2 million years and that hopefully will continue to for several billion more to come. In his book "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth," he describes the universe as "a mammoth perpetual motion process." Also in that book, he defines the place where two lines intersect as "an event".

The pieces in my new group of aerial, wall and floor sculpture are made up of lines and planes. I utilize steel arcs and spiral elements that are threaded with folded steel planes, which combine to create structure. The arcs refer to time or space-time and the intersecting points of the elements describe events. The planes themselves are products of the events and can be defined in terms of cosmology as galaxies, alternate universes, black holes and stars. These works revel in the poetry of space, the movement and energy of planets and stars as they take part in the choreography of the universe. The rhythms of nature and physics, of music and color, of temperature and density all come into play.

Inner and Outer Spaces June Kelly Gallery, 591 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 April 4th – May 6th 2008